MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL mixes the medieval and modern

Show closes September 16, 2014.

OREM — The conflict between faith and state for Archbishop Thomas Becket, religious adviser to King Henry II of England, is central to Murder in the Cathedral. T.S. Eliot’s classic script focuses on the events of Becket’s life between December 2 – 29, 1170, primarily honed on the internal struggles of the archbishop. Following a seven […]

Payson Community Theater creates a strong LES MISERABLES

Les Miserables 2 - Payson Community Theater

PAYSON — From Victor Hugo‘s original tale comes the Payson Community Theater production of the classic Broadway adaptation of Les Misérables, playing through Labor Day at Payson High School. Convict Jean Valjean seeks to begin life anew, after serving a lengthy prison sentence. And though freedom looms ahead, he is reminded by rigid officer Javert that […]

A fully magical TEMPEST in Lehi

Show closes August 13, 2014.

LEHI — Strange magic exists in Shakespeare‘s The Tempest. When Propsero is cast off from his rightful place as Duke of Milan, he and his daughter Miranda must rely upon his magic to survive on the island of their wreckage. Through magical arts, Propero frees and enlists the help of mischievous spirit Ariel, and binds the […]

COMEDY OF ERRORS strikes gold

Aaron Galligan-Stierle (left) as Dromio of Syracuse, Drew Shirley as Antipholus of Ephesus, Chris Amos as Antipholus of Syracuse, and Misha Fristensky as Dromio of Ephesus in the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s 2014 production of The Comedy of Errors. (Photo by Karl Hugh. Copyright Utah Shakespeare Festival 2014.)

CEDAR CITY — Mistaken identity runs rampant in Shakespeare‘s The Comedy of Errors,  a farcical romp that is given new life in director Brad Carroll‘s wild west interpretation of this comedic favorite. When Egeon of Syracuse is given news of his impending death for reasons of trespassing upon Ephesus soil, a law enacted against those of […]

SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR asks fascinating questions

Six Characters in Search of an Author 2 - Westminster Theatre Society

SALT LAKE CITY — In 1921, Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello premiered Six Characters in Search of an Author. It was a curious piece of theatre unlike anything his audiences were familiar with. The initial performance was met with great controversy, and the author himself forced to exit the theatre through a side-door to prevent those in […]

WV Hale’s ARSENIC AND OLD LACE slays audiences with laughter

Chris Brown as Abby Brewster and Melany Wilkins as Martha Brewster.

WEST VALLEY CITY — Black comedy unfurls in fine form on the West Valley Hale’s stage, with it’s latest production of Joseph Kesselring‘sArsenic and Old Lace. Set in the 1940’s Brooklyn, this story focuses on the “charitable” acts of two kindly old women, known by all for their selflessness and sweetness.However, there is the very macabre […]

LILLY’S PURPLE PLASTIC PURSE: an exciting immersive play for kids

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse 2 - Utah Valley University

OREM — Children’s literature translates in vibrant style to UVU’s Noorda Stage in their most recent production, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, directed by John Newman. Lilly is a mouse with headstrong personality, loud and audacious, with an endearing tendency to proclaim herself as” Queen of the World.” She nudges herself into friendships, defends the weak from […]

An innovative, but incoherent ROMEO & JULIET

Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Gary Oakeson.

SALT LAKE CITY — Romeo and Juliet, as penned by William Shakespeare, remains a constant of theater performance, attempted by many theatrical devotees and presented in a variety of lenses. The historic nature of true love, destroyed by the prideful hostility of parents, holds a certain resonance that speaks to audiences today. And while the words […]

UVU’s CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE is a strong introduction to epic theatre

Show closes February 1, 2014.

OREM — Bertolt Brecht sought to evoke social change with his plays, the content of which often broached political subjects. Brectht is best known today for what he called “epic theatre,” his provocative revision in the presentation of theater, which stripped performance of its usual tokens and replaced the art form with a daring call to […]

Have a carefree night of entertainment at THE FOREIGNER

Brandon Green as Ellard Simms and Tanya Radebaugh as Betty Meeks in The Foreigner at Hale Centre Theatre.

WEST VALLEY CITY — There’s a difficult balance in the nature of comedy—striking the elevated levels of humor, while allowing the resonance of serious moments to properly take effect. I was wholly impressed by Hale Centre Theatre’s The Foreigner‘s ability to do just that. The tone struck by the play really is quite silly, and I’ll […]