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A victory lap for the U.S. premiere of CHARIOTS OF FIRE

PROVO — “Why do you run?” That is the persistent question at the heart of Chariots of Fire, the newest offering and United States premiere of the stage adaptation of the iconic 1981 film currently running at BYU’s Pardoe Theatre.  Wonderfully and inventively adapted by Mike Bartlett, the play opened in London in 2012 and was “partially inspired” by the London Olympics. As in the film, the play follows the progress of two British athletes towards their participation in the 1924 Paris Olympics, and in this production, starts with runners in position, and then…that unmistakable Vangelis music.  My first thought...

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BYU Young Company’s MACBETH is “but a walking shadow”

PROVO — I have to admit when I heard that Brigham Young University’s Young Company was producing William Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth to present to young audiences, I thought, “Really?  Macbeth…?   For kids?”  And then I thought, “Why not?”  It’s got everything a kid could want: witches, intrigue, murder, blood—but not too much, and cool sword fights.  I mean what’s a kid not to like?  It’s the original Game of Thrones! A production of Macbeth is daunting for any theatre group, big or small, professional or amateur, but I commend BYU’s Young Company for having the courage to produce it.  It’s a great way...

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