Author: Darby Turnbow

BYU’s risky THE CRUCIBLE hides strong acting performances

PROVO — The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a contemporary theatre classic. On the surface The Crucible is a play about the Salem Witch Trials. Young, puritan girls accusing their neighbors of witchcraft. People undergoing suspicion, trials, imprisonment, and even execution. There are many ways to interpret and relate to The Crucible, and Brigham Young University’s production was no exception. As I entered the small black box theatre I was met with a black wall of white script. I also noticed small tables with half masks, not a normally used prop for this play. In the moments before the production started,...

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A “wonderful, wonderful day” at SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS

WEST VALLEY CITY — Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has long been a favorite musical for me, so I was excited to have the opportunity to review the Hale Centre Theatre’s production of it, directed by Dave Tinney. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, a stage adaptation of the film of the same name (and based on a story by Stephen Vincent Benet), tells the story of Adam Pontipee and his new wife Milly. She is excited to care for just one man, but upon arriving on Adam’s farm learns that he lives with...

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“It’s a jolly holiday” with BYU’s MARY POPPINS

PROVO — When I was in college Mary Poppins was playing on Broadway. One of my college professors attended the production along with several other shows. After returning from his trip, he told us that the best show was Mary Poppins, and that it was one we should all see someday. It went on the list of shows I really want to see. However, I didn’t want to just see a mediocre production.  This week I was able to see a production of Mary Poppins, directed by George D. Nelson and based on the novels of P. L. Travers, as it opened...

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Nerd out with HCT’s THE NERD

WEST VALLEY CITY — For years a colleague of mine has been telling me how hilarious The Nerd, by Larry Shue, is. I recently had the opportunity to watch The Nerd at Hale Centre Theatre and I have to agree it is quite the gut buster, especially this production of it. The Nerd is the story of Willum Cubbert, an architect in Terra Haute, Indiana, who is also the landlord to his friends Tansy and Axel. Willum served in the Vietnam War and would have died if not rescued by Rick Steadman. As Willum was unconscious at the time of his...

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UTBA reviewers sound off: Excellence in 2016

The social media consensus is that 2016 was a rough year for America. With a surplus of celebrity deaths and a chaotic presidential election, many people are ready to put 2016 behind them. But the Utah theatre community had a great year, with wonderful productions across the entire length of the state. As we do every year, we asked our reviewers and staff members to tell us what excellent productions they saw this year in Utah. Here are the shows that stuck in their minds weeks or months later. Excellent Professional (Equity) Productions Being the only Tony Award winning...

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