A fond farewell to HOLIDAY NIGHT LIVE at UVU

OREM — Holiday Night Live is a Saturday Night Live-style, holiday-themed sketch comedy show written and performed by some of the UVU’s funniest students. It features musical numbers, dance breaks, videos, and audience interaction. This year marks the tenth (yay!) and final (aww) production of HNL at UVU. And what a way to end a […]

Not much to BEHOLD in ZEBULON

SALT LAKE CITY — Behold, Zebulon is a play about Molly, a shy woman who moves from suburban Ohio to a small town in North Carolina after a mild mental breakdown. Wiling away the lonely hours when her husband is at work, Molly walks through the town and meets all the kooky characters one would […]

New musical BUMS! has promise

PROVO — Bums! is a new musical dramedy with book, music, and lyrics by local playwright Stephen Gashler. It’s about Edward Pibbles, a young accountant from New York who has an early midlife crisis in the weeks leading up to the stock market crash of 1929. When Edward becomes eligible for a raise at work, […]

Humdrum SHREK in Cottonwood Heights

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — It’s difficult to review community theatre fairly because the reviewer has to make concessions for the limitations of this sort of show: a company’s non-professional cast and crew, a small budget, and rehearsing in a borrowed space. But Cottonwood Heights’ production of Shrek begs the question, where should UTBA draw the line between a […]


PROVO — The Fisherman and His Wife is a participatory play written by Larry and Vivian Snipes. Based on the Grimms’ fairytale, it’s the story of a poor fisherman and his wife, Isabel, who is unhappy with their meager existence. Every day the fisherman goes out to the sea, and every day Isabel tends the […]

Much to love in minimalist MUCH ADO from London at BYU

PROVO — Nearly every theatre company has done Shakespeare. I’ve seen more high-concept, modernized, stripped-down, period-swapping, gender-bending shows than I can count. And it’s scientific fact that a new production of Hamlet is mounted every 30 seconds. (Read: no, it isn’t.) So how to make a 500-year-old play that’s been done to death fresh and entertaining? Actors from the London Stage […]

The SPITFIRE GRILL serves up some fine performances

PLEASANT GROVE — There’s a room in the basement of the Pleasant Grove library that’s been converted into a tiny theater.  There are maybe eight rows of seats, the ceiling is about ten feet high, and the stage is probably wide enough to stand seven people along its edge.  Kathryn and Howard Little have chosen the […]

ANNIE gets lost in the crowd

ALPINE — Annie, as we all know, is the endearing story of an extraordinarily optimistic red-headed orphan who smiles her way into a rich man’s heart.  Together, the lonely billionaire and the lonely girl discover what it is to be family.  It is a charming, albeit campy, little show, and it’s easy to see why family-oriented Alpine […]

Let Dark Horse Entertain You

PARK CITY — I have long been under the impression that Gypsy is one of those musicals that appeals largely to theatre people who can understand its showbiz heartbreak overtones on an intimate level, but the production of this iconic musical at the Egyptian Theater made me realize that Gypsy is applicable to everyone.

Desert Star gives us Hogwarts Reunion

MURRAY — I am a huge Harry Potter nerd.  I have all six films, multiple copies of each of the seven books, the audio recordings, games, T-shirts, buttons, supplemental literature, and in 2007 I went to Canada for a convention.  So when I heard about Desert Star Theater’s Welcome Back Potter, I was weary of […]